​​Matthew S. Conant, Esq.


"Matt Conant is an excellent mediator. I have mediated with Matt several times, and I am ALWAYS pleased with Matt's effort and his mediation skills. Whenever opposing counsel suggests Matt as a mediator, I jump at the chance to engage him. I never turn down the opportunity to use Matt as a mediator. In my opinion, he is the best of the best."

"Matt Conant is wonderful. I have also had excellent experiences with Justice Lambden, Judge Chiantelli, and Ralph Lombardi."


"Matt Conant is not only highly skilled, but he has empathy and deeply cares about the outcome. His efforts in communicating with the parties before, during, and after mediation are above and beyond. He also has a solid understanding of how to evaluate a case."

“Matt really is a skilled evaluator of case values, and he’s good at honing in on strengths and weaknesses and keeping them as a focus of discussion, so both sides stay grounded.”

“Matt bonds readily and easily – at least with my clients – I think because they sense he does care about the outcome for them and how they’re doing. When he implements the case evaluation and focuses on strengths and weaknesses part of his skill set, it’s often things that are hard for a party to hear because that may not be how they’ve seen their case. …But if you hear it from someone you believe has your best interests in mind and at heart, you hear it. And it has an impact on the decisions you ultimately make.”

"Matt Conant is without question among the very, very best mediators in the Bay Area, in acumen and the art of mediating, and in industry and effort in continuing to pursue settlement post-mediation. He’s respected by my friends on both sides."

“Rather than spending time during the mediation uncovering issues or having to have a back and forth about what’s important to the resolution of the case, a lot of that work when you mediate with Matt has already been done, so you can get right to the heart of the matter, which is deciding if there is a number that both sides can reach that makes sense to resolve the case.”

"Matt Conant is an extraordinarily talented neutral who commands respect and cooperation from both sides of the case. I would use his services again with no hesitation and will recommend to anyone in need."

"Matt is incredible. Would double the stars if I could. Was very patient with a difficult party."

“Matt was incredible. He juggled all of the different competing issues from all the different lawyers. There were so many different groups and everybody had a different angle and a different interest and a different client and a different position in the case. That’s how tenacious Matt is. He kept working it and working it and just would not stop.”