• Mediated claim for traumatic brain injury arising from low speed freeway accident. Plaintiff, a 45 year old college professor, alleged mTBI, resulting in cognitive deficit, loss of executive function, and inability to secure tenured faculty position.

  • Mediated claim for non-surgical spinal injury resulting from low-speed rear-end accident. Female plaintiff, age 50, alleged chronic post-accident neck and back pain, requiring neuroablation and long-term medical monitoring.

  • Mediated wrongful death claim arising from single-vehicle freeway accident. Decedent, working on a roadside construction crew, was struck and killed by drunken driver. Plaintiffs claimed that the driver had attended a company-sponsored Halloween party where he had consumed large amounts of whiskey and beer. The defense asserted that the party, which was conducted at a private home, was not company affiliated. The case was complicated by insurance coverage and limits issues, worker’s compensation liens, and by the pendency of a related interpleader action.

  • Mediated personal injury action brought by California Highway Patrol officer injured when he was struck by motorist while standing on freeway shoulder for traffic stop. Plaintiff alleged serious orthopedic injuries, coupled with post-traumatic stress, threatening his ability to perform his job duties.

  • Dispute involving national ambulance company in case arising from intersection collision which resulted in plaintiff’s quadriplegia. Ambulance was responding “Code 3” to medical emergency and contested issues included speed, distance, visibility, effectiveness of siren, and applicability of MICRA.

  • Dispute involving national motor coach company arising from eleven deaths and multiple personal injuries when “casino” bus left roadway and overturned. Plaintiffs asserted claims of negligence and strict liability based upon the defendant’s historical ownership of vehicle and the failure to install or retrofit seat belts or other restraint systems.

  • Dispute involving national motor coach company in connection with overturn accident resulting in multiple serious passenger injuries. Accident was triggered by passenger assault upon motor coach driver. Plaintiffs alleged the defendant failed to adequately screen passengers for mental disorders, intoxication, and possession of weapons.

  • Dispute involving national motor coach company in case arising from sexual assault and imprisonment of developmentally disabled 20 year old female. Plaintiff’s mother had entrusted daughter to bus company under ADA regulations for unaccompanied cross-country trip, and alleged negligence in monitoring daughter, and in supervising transfers.

  • Wrongful death dispute involving national motor coach company arising from vehicle/pedestrian accident near downtown bus terminal. Decedent, who was grossly intoxicated, had been ejected from the bus station shortly before accident. Plaintiff alleged bus company was negligent in ejecting the decedent and failing to summon law enforcement.

  • Wrongful death dispute involving national public transit company arising from fall by senior citizen passenger when disembarking from “dial-a-ride” vehicle. Plaintiffs alleged negligent failure to monitor and assist mobility-impaired decedent.

  • Case involving national school bus company in wrongful death case. Bus driver failed post-accident drug test. Plaintiffs alleged negligent administration of drug testing program and company knowledge regarding widespread switching and falsification of urine testing.

  • Dispute involving national school bus company wherein catastrophic injuries were sustained by 7-year-old struck by underinsured motorist in early morning darkness while waiting at school bus stop. Plaintiff alleged accident was caused by negligent selection of school bus stop location and failure to adhere to pre-determined pick-up schedule.

  • Handled personal injury claim brought by severely developmentally disabled student against school bus company, alleging long-term physical and verbal abuse by school bus driver. Conduct was captured on bus video system. Plaintiffs alleged negligent hiring and retention of school bus driver.

  • Wrongful death dispute brought by family of 70-year-old patriarch who was killed when defendant delivery driver made abrupt left turn into the decedent’s path of travel. Defendant driver was prosecuted for vehicular manslaughter.

  • Handled claim for wrongful death of husband and 6-year-old daughter (with associated Dillon v. Legg action) arising from head-on collision with delivery van operated by defendant auto dealership. Employee driver failed drug/alcohol test and was prosecuted for vehicular manslaughter; driver discovered to be in possession of vial of urine; case presented issues of course and scope, vicarious liability, and punitive damages.

  • Handled motor vehicle negligence claim arising from high-speed intersection collision resulting in traumatic brain injury to 35-year-old plaintiff. Event data recorder (“black box”) data indicated that defendant violated plaintiff’s right-of-way; cross-complaint filed against county alleging dangerous condition of roadway and extensive accident history.


Representative Cases

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