​​Matthew S. Conant, Esq.



Representative Cases

  • Handled wrongful death case involving a public university brought by family of student athlete who died during pre-season football workout. Plaintiffs claimed that the coaching staff was negligent in the design and supervision of the strenuous workout session and failed to account for the decedent’s sickle cell trait status.

  • Handled wrongful death dispute involving public university in case arising from vehicle/ pedestrian accident. University employee struck and killed decedent in crosswalk; plaintiffs were his spouse and teenage children. At the time of his death, decedent was mid-stage ALS, with significantly reduced life expectancy.

  • Personal injury case involving public university alleging student athlete sustained traumatic brain injury as a result of repetitive head trauma over his four-year college football career.

  • Handled personal injury case involving a student who overdosed on drugs in a “coop” apartment associated with a public university, leaving the plaintiff in a permanent vegetative state. Plaintiff alleged that the university failed to properly supervise and oversee the coop management, permitted a “drug culture” to exist, and neglected to implement emergency response protocols.

  • Mediated personal injury action against public entity alleging dangerous condition of roadway due to presence of large pothole. Plaintiff, age 55, sustained serious leg injury when he lost control of his motorcycle after encountering depression in asphalt.

  • Mediated wrongful death case arising from apparent suicide following Welfare & Institutions Code 5150 hold. Decedent was evaluated at county hospital and released to return home using a taxi “voucher” system. While en route, decedent jumped from the backseat of the taxi while traveling at freeway speed. Plaintiffs alleged negligence on the part of the hospital staff and the taxi company.

  • Mediated slip-and-fall case against utility company arising from injury that occurred when plaintiff fell through an allegedly unstable gas meter cover located in parking strip, sustaining serious lower extremity injury.

  • Mediated personal injury case arising from high-speed pursuit by police vehicle. Negligence-free motorist was injured when officer lost control of police vehicle, colliding with plaintiff’s vehicle stopped for red light.

  • Mediated wrongful death case against city alleging dangerous condition of sidewalk. Plaintiffs, the adult children of decedent, asserted that the broken sidewalk was situated immediately adjacent to city-owned park, and across the street from a senior center. Plaintiffs’ decedent sustained an intracranial hemorrhage, and died after a six-month hospitalization.

  • Mediated wrongful death case arising from single-vehicle off-road accident. Plaintiffs asserted a dangerous condition of the highway by virtue of a narrow shoulder, lack of guardrail, and adjacent steep downward embankment. Defendant contended the accident was due to excessive speed, wet roadway, and bald tires.

  • Mediated personal injury claim against city arising from playground accident which resulted in facial scar for five-year old female. Plaintiff alleged improper selection and location of slide and related playground equipment.

  • Mediated personal injury case arising from trip-and-fall on city pier. Plaintiff, age 60, alleged dangerous condition of public property resulting in fall and head injury (mTBI). City contended the claim was barred by recreational immunities.

  • Mediated claim against city and utility company arising from bicycle accident in dedicated bike lane. Plaintiff alleged dangerous condition of public property by virtue of utility cover located in the bike lane. Defendants asserted design immunities, lack of notice, and contributory negligence.