• Handled personal injury dispute involving designer and manufacturer of asphalt compactor arising from roadway paving operation. Plaintiff was seriously injured when compactor overturned and rolled down steep embankment. Plaintiff alleged instability in design and lack of “roll-over” protection.

  • Handled personal injury case filed against designer and manufacturer of industrial food processing equipment wherein plaintiff sustained traumatic amputation of fingers. Plaintiff alleged inadequate warnings and instructions for use and lack of “interlock” feature.

  • Mediated personal injury action against manufacturer of motorized skateboard. Plaintiff alleged that the Bluetooth-enabled “regenerative” braking system suddenly failed, causing the plaintiff to lose control going down a steep hill, resulting in a disabling knee injury.

  • Handled wrongful death claim involving designer and manufacturer of lumber processing machinery. Decedent, age 40, was performing maintenance inside the large device when the system was mistakenly activated. Decedent’s spouse alleged inadequate warnings, lack of “interlock” feature, and absence of effective “lock-out/tag out” opportunity.

  • Handled wrongful death claim against designer and manufacturer of agricultural harvesting machine. Plaintiffs’ decedent was killed when he fell into an “auger” style crop transport device. Plaintiffs claimed the machine lacked guards, and that the instructions for use were inadequate and were not bilingual.

  • Handled personal injury dispute involving designer and manufacturer of an agricultural “mulching” machine arising from traumatic amputation of plaintiff’s arm. Plaintiff was attempting to remove a “jam”, when a co-employee activated the machine. Plaintiff alleged lack of a satisfactory guard, and inadequate instructions for use.

  • Mediated personal injury claim against designer and manufacturer of cargo trailer (car carrier). Plaintiff, the trailer owner, was injured when the 600-pound door fell upon him as he was attempting to back a vehicle out of the trailer; plaintiff alleged that the cable door control system failed. The defendant alleged misuse and intoxication on the part of the plaintiff.


Representative Cases

​​Matthew S. Conant, Esq.